Monday, March 24, 2014

Started B-School, Worked on Beadsoup

Hello All,

I've been away from my beading for the past 2 weeks because I enrolled in Marie Forleo's B-School.  It's an intensive 8 week course for online entrepreneurs.  I've learned so much already that I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to run a successful online business.  Even if you don't want to take the course right now, Marie Forleo offers free tips and inspiring interviews.  She also has a youtube channel called Marie TV.

I did manage to fit in a little beading time last night. :)  I'm interested in creating slave bracelets, also known as hath panja and hand flowers.  Because the name slave bracelet can be off putting I wanted to know more about the term.  I learned that the name slave bracelet has nothing to do with slaves or slavery. A slave bracelet is called that because the bracelet is connected to a ring with a chain.  They are also called hand flowers or hath panja.  I googled some images and watched some tutorials on youtube.  Then I gave it a try myself.  Hath panja (the term I prefer because it sounds so exotic) can be simple or very elaborate.  My first effort is very simple.

hath panja
I'm not at all sure I will keep it like this.  I might embellish it more or even take it apart.  (I have to laugh at this picture.  The only place I could get a good picture last night was over the kitchen sink, so of course I wanted to change the background.  My photoshop skills need work!)

I hope you all do something creative that makes you happy.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Bead Soup Has Arrived

Hello All,

My soup is here!  My soup is here!  My soup is here!  Yeah!

When I opened my package from Beccy Peterson I thought she sent me a whole bead store.  I was amazed.

The Whole Enchilada

She sent me sooooo many beads she made a map so I would know what everything was.  I love maps.

Treasure Map

I love all the natural stones, especially jasper, so I separated things out to take pictures.

Focal Bead and Toggles

Tagua and Jasper

Blues and Greens

Are you feeling the love?  I know I am.  And there's still more!  I'm so inspired.  Time to think.

Until next time, I hope you do something crafty.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I Have my Bead Soup Partner!

Hello All,

I have my bead soup partner, yeah!  Her name is Beccy Peterson .  She's from Klamath Falls, Oregon.  I love her purple goddess earrings.

Thank you Lori Anderson for hosting the bead soup blog party.  I know it will be lots of fun.  It must be hard for you being so ill, but I hope the bead soup blog party gives you something fun to focus on.

Have fun and be creative.