Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hello All,

In addition to fabric and paint, I like to play with glass.  About 10 years ago I made a bird of paradise stained glass piece from a Tiffany pattern I simplified to 3 leaves and 2 flowers.

More recently I've taken classes at Phoenix Studio in Portland, Maine.  I have completed a calla lily and am working on a daffodil.  I used the same glass for the border and the inner background pieces.  The leaves and stem of the daffodil and the stem of the calla lily are the same opaque green glass.

I have a book on historical stained glass and there is a piece with 3 white lilies arranged like a fleur de lis.  I really like it and would like to work up a simple pattern to make a third piece with those colors.

The book was published in 1976.
It's full of the history of stained glass from ancient times to contemporary times.