Saturday, February 15, 2014

Greenman Project

Hello All,

I've started a new project, a bead embroidery of the Greenman.  The Greenman is a mythological figure in many cultures from ancient times to now.  I like to think of my Greenman as Father Earth, a companion to Mother Earth.

I started my project by googling images of the greenman.  Many of them are fierce, angry looking fellows.  I wanted my Greenman to be friendly.  I sketched a image.

Greenman sketch 4" square

I pieced log-cabin style a 10 " square using various green fabrics.  I started beading and ripped it out twice before I was satisfied with the third incarnation.  I enlarged my sketch and stitched it to my square.  Then I removed all the paper and was left with my thread image.  It looks a little busy right now, but most of the background fabric will be covered with beads.

Greenman in progress

Since I like to make decisions as I go along, I'm not sure how it will be finished.  One idea is to attach it to a canvas, a la Lyric Kinard.

Another idea I have is to attach it to my green & brown "scarf" and make a wall hanging.  It's 44" long by 11" wide.  The green stripy section would be the top.

Woodland scarf

 I could add lots more beads!  I got a little carried away buying beads for this project, not that I didn't already have green beads.  They just needed more variety.  Most of them were bluish green and I wanted more browny green and yellowy green.

Beads auditioning for Greenman project

 It would be fun to use a tree branch as the hanger.  We'll have to wait and see what inspiration strikes.

Hope you're all doing creative fun things.