Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello All,

I've been working on my beads for the Art Bead Scene October challenge.  I sketched the owl  in the size I wanted to make the bead.  Then I decided that the bead should be balanced.  I changed the wings so they are both open.

Scops Owl for Art Bead Scene October Challenge

Susan Owenby ( posted a blog about using paperclay to make a witch's hat.  She inspired me to use paperclay to make my art beads.  I loved it.  It's very easy to use.  I took my tracing of the owl and traced the lines in pencil on the back of the paper.  Then I put the tracing on the paperclay and rubbed it.   Perfect resolution.  I used a small knife to cut and smooth the paperclay.  I freehand cut the gingko leaves and shaped the crescent moon.

Paperclay beads for ABS October Challenge

Hope you're all having fun!


  1. That's fantastic! So glad you tried it and even gladder you liked it. :) Very clever with the design transfer. I will certain have to give that a whirl!

  2. I'm glad I used the pencil transfer for the owl. I was just sanding the pieces with my nail file and the owl wasn't quite dry. I might have broken one wing away from the body. It has a crack. I used some water to "reglue" it. I should have made 2 but since I used a transfer I can easily make another one.

    The paperclay is so fun to use I want to make lots of sculptures.

  3. Love what you created! Welcome to the world of CREATIVE PAPERCLAY!! It's the best world ever.

  4. I've been watching paperclay tutorials on youtube. I definitely want to do more. Thanks for the welcome.