Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello All,

Starting tomorrow I'm taking a Strathmore on-line class from Jane La Fazio.  It's for watercolor art cards.  I haven't painted in quite a while so this morning I got out my paints and made an art journal page.

I started with a yellow background and added the purple.  There are a couple layers of paint.  The yellow in the center suggested a hand so I went with it.  The squares on the left are from a  photoshop experiment from at least 10 years ago.  I printed them on tracing paper.  One edge of the paper got crumpled in the printer but I liked the translucent effect so I've kept the page.  The roses at the bottom of the hand are printed from a scan of a painting I did.  I tore them from the page and used gel medium to adhere them.  I love the purple diamonds, too.  I used a lead pencil container as the stamp. (I really liked the shape of the container so when it was empty I couldn't throw it away!)  The infinity sign and the heart are meant to convey infinite love.

Best of all, I had fun creating it.  Painting with acrylics is so immediate, instant gratification.

Hope you all take time to have fun!


  1. LOVE it, Autumn!
    I love Jane's art - I'm sure you'll enjoy her class :)

  2. Very cool! Working in multiple mediums is so cool and really adds to expression in other mediums. I like what you've done, way to roll with the punches!