Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello All,

Last night I worked on the September ABS Challenge.  I love the image they chose this month, such happy colors.

I chose a copper chain from Miss Fickle Media and adorned it with leaves and dangles I made with wire and gem chips. I used 20 gauge hematite and 24 gauge gold-tone wires and wrapped them around a small dowel.  Then I pulled them apart and cut them into pieces.  The gem chips might be amber, not sure, but the colors are just right for the image. I stripped the leaves off an old pair of earrings. They are a very lightweight patinated metal.  They jingle nicely
 Hope you're all having creative fun!


  1. Truly Autumn, is there no end to your talents - wow!!
    Just wanted to ask if your painting arrived yet, as I posted it over 2 weeks ago... I don't quite know how long it should take to the East Coast. It's usually 2-3 weeks to send stuff to friends & family in CA x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you. They were fun to make too. I checked out your website and bookmarked your etsy store. I love enameling. It's something I would like to try because as you say it is magical.